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US Man Shoots Neighbour 9 Times In Front Of Family After Heated Argument

US Man Shoots Neighbour 9 Times In Front Of Family After Heated Argument

Mendoza was pronounced dead at the scene despite other neighbours trying to save him

A Costa Rican neighbourhood dispute escalated to a deadly shooting. Video footage has emerged, capturing the horrific moment a man gunned down another.  The one-minute clip opens with a woman exiting a garage, and encountering a couple outside their residence who are expressing their disapproval, the New York Post reported. 

A verbal exchange ensues, prompting the woman’s husband to intervene, later identified as Eduardo Ramirez Zamora. While initially attempting to restrain his wife, he retrieves a concealed firearm. The neighbouring couple exits their residence, leading to a heated argument and ultimately, a physical altercation between the two men.

Tragically, the situation takes a turn for the worse as the man with the gun fires at his neighbour, striking him multiple times.

“We heard a loud argument outside; as we looked out, we could see where the neighbour was shooting the other neighbour, who unfortunately passed away,” a witness told Costa Rica English newspaper the Tico Times.

Zamora discharged his weapon multiple additional times (nine rounds according to reports) at Mendoza. The force of the gunfire caused Mendoza to fall backwards. The gunman’s wife then intervened, pulling him away from the scene. Meanwhile, Mendoza’s partner reacted with screams of distress.

“Once he was lying on the ground, the other neighbour continued to shoot him without fear,” the witness added.

Reports indicate a history of animosity between Zamora and Mendoza, suggesting tensions had been building for some time. 

“He bothered him every time he (Otto) went out, bothered his children and wife, he made derogatory comments regarding Mr Otto’s nationality,” the unidentified witness said.

Mendoza had moved to Costa Rica from his native Nicaragua.

“He even questioned how it was possible that a Nicaraguan could live in a place like this,” the witness added.

Mendoza was pronounced dead at the scene despite other neighbours trying to save him. He suffered gunshot wounds to the thorax and legs, the Tico Times reported, citing the Judicial Investigation Department (OIJ).

One of Mendoza’s relatives blasted local law enforcement for not doing anything to stop the feuding neighbours’ continuing disagreements.

“They always had problems. It had been going on for a long time. They even sued him, and nobody did anything. Neither the police force nor the OIJ acted,” the mourning relative said to the newspaper. “I don’t know what happened, only that they argued. I do not understand that. How is that possible?”

Police took Zamora into custody following the altercation.

Neighbours reported having no knowledge of Zamora possessing a gun and previously urged both parties to resolve their differences peacefully for the good of the community.

A tragic event earlier this year saw a Las Vegas pastor gunned down by a deranged neighbour in his driveway after filing a complaint with the homeowners’ association.

Joe Junio opened fire, fatally striking Nick Davi in the stomach as his traumatized children witnessed the scene from the car.

After shooting the father, Junio aimed the weapon at Sarah, Davi’s wife.

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