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Michael Rainey Jr. Reacts After Tylil’s Sister Sexually Groped Him

Michael Rainey Jr. has broken his silence on the viral video that shows streamer’ Tylil’s little sister sexually harassing him. The woman has yet to speak out independently, but her brother has already addressed the disturbing footage twice.

‘Power’ Actor Speaks Out Against Sexual Assault

When Rainey Jr. pulled up to guest-star in Tylil’s livestream, the last thing he expected was for a girl to grab on his genitals. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what Tylil’s younger sister did to Michael while hundreds of people watched her brother sound off about doing anything to go “viral.”

“I am still in shock and don’t fully know how to process what happened last night,” Michael shared on June 10 via written statement. “This is an unfortunate situation that I do not condone in any way. I can’t take it lightly because I know I would be in serious trouble if the roles were reversed.”

He continued, saying that “sexual assault is never okay, regardless of gender or status.”

“We’re all human, and we should respect each other. Most importantly, we should always respect ourselves,” the actor wrote.

See the actor’s entire statement below.

RECAP: What Happened Between Tylil’s Sister & Michael Rainey Jr.

As mentioned, the girl randomly and aggressively pressed her body against Michael Rainey Jr. and reached for his privates. Michael appeared stunned by the move and attempted to push her hand away calmly. However, the girl persisted, and he forcefully crossed his arms in front of his genital area. A few seconds later, the sister disappeared from the camera’s view. Her name and age remain unknown, but Tylil is reportedly 24.

Her brother didn’t seem to realize what was going on until after a man slid into the camera view and whispered something to Rainey Jr.

Tylil later spoke on video, assuring viewers he was upset about the incident and intended to “check” his sister. He added that his sibling wasn’t used to being in the presence of an A-list celebrity.

Watch the sister’s actions unfold below and her brother’s initial reaction.  

After his video statement, though, the backlash against the streamer continued. Many social media users highlighted that the situation would’ve been more severe if the roles had been reserved, a point Michael also made in his statement.

Prior to Michael breaking his silence, Tylil released a written apology on his social media platforms. He called his sister’s actions “very inappropriate and unacceptable.” Additionally, the streamer clarified that he does not “condone any type of assault.”

Ultimately, Tylil said he completely “respects” whatever actions Michael Rainey Jr. chooses in response to the physical harassment.

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