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Helldivers 2 recent black hole event was celebrated by fans but signals The Illuminate

Helldivers 2 fans were jubilant after the black hole created by their most recent military success. Still, it might be short-lived as the ominous signs of The Illuminate, a potential game-changer, emerge.

The event was centered around the Merida supercolony of insect villains, the Termanids, that plagued the planetary sector. Helldivers were tasked with spreading a new “dark fluid” weapon around the area to encase the planet.

The weapon wasn’t a casket to keep the insectoid race at bay but rather a weapon capable of collapsing an entire planet. The resulting military operation would cause a climatic event and create a black hole or, according to some players, a wormhole.

Khoakuma, a player on the Helldivers 2 Reddit, said, “A mass of a typical planet cannot produce a black hole that big. You need to compress the mass of the Earth into the size of a pea (about 9mm) in order to turn it into a black hole. It’s probably a wormhole lol.”

This is what happened if you were in orbit around Meridia when the MO completed + bonus after
byu/Interjessing-Salary inHelldivers

Helldivers collapse Meridia

Arrowhead Studio’s cheesy media cycle released a newsfeed covering the weapon’s resulting fallout. Strohmann news via the Helldivers X said:

The news feed says that the Termanid threat has been reduced, and a counter-offensive has been launched against the game’s other villains, the Automatons.

Rumors, a staple of the Helldivers experience, are swirling around the new black hole. They hint at the possibility of something emerging from this tear in the time-space continuum, perhaps an old villain from Helldivers 1, The Illuminate.

It would make sense for a new enemy to join the fray to bring some variation to battles and operations. It would also be overwhelming for players to fight a war on three fronts and keep the narrative turning. So the Termanid menace might get benched in preference to the mysterious Illuminate.

Players like Inlukewarmblood think how this possible portal was created speaks to the dark humor of the Helldivers universe. Saying on Reddit: “If we truly did make a wormhole instead of a black hole – which honestly I’m pretty sure we did, seeing as AH (Arrowhead) need a good way to introduce the Illuminate and this tech was stolen from them – then this was quite possibly the funniest thing we could’ve done to piss them off. When they come through that portal brandishing the bug-infested hellhole we just left on their front porch, I will not be surprised in the slightest.”

We’ll need to wait for more information about the mysterious villain’s emergence into the game. For now, Arrowhead released a patch over the weekend to tackle a few persisting bugs.

Image: Arrowhead Studios.

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