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G Flip, Stephen Sanchez Reveal Must-Have Festival Items at GovBall 2024 (Exclusive)

Music festivals require a lot of energy and preparation — and no one knows that better than the performers themselves.

The 2024 Governors Ball Music Festival went down from June 7-9 at Flushing Meadows Corona Park in New York City, and PEOPLE chatted with G Flip, Stephen Sanchez, Jessie Murph, FLO and Mimi Webb about their must-have items to enjoy the weekend both in the crowds and on stage.

Below, each of the five acts name their festival necessities and detail their backstage riders.

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G Flip

G Flip.

Brenton Blanchet

Must-have festival items:

You need water, ’cause you don’t want to pass out, so H2O or Liquid IV. Put your iPhone on Find My Friends, so you don’t lose your mates — or if you’ve got a real loose mate that you lose a lot, give them one of those Apple [AirTag] trackers, and put it in their pocket, ’cause people get lost. Bring, obviously, some money or some cards so you can get food, because you need to eat. And a cute sign. I love when people have signs. They spend their night making a cute sign to bring to a set. It’s cute as f—.

Backstage rider:

Water, and I f—ing love bananas. I f— bananas up. They give good energy, and they’re yellow.

Stephen Sanchez

Stephen Sanchez.

Brenton Blanchet

Must-have festival items:

A pair of shades, for sure. Tums or Pepto Bismol, ’cause sometimes the food will jack up your stomach and give you acid reflux, which I get a lot of, so I need some Pepto on hand. It avoids you getting the s—s at a festival, which is horrible.

Backstage rider:

We like granola bars a lot, SunChips, apples, bananas — potassium, that’s K. Gotta love that. I’m about keeping the gut happy.



Brenton Blanchet

Must-have festival items:

Stella: Deodorant, powder, lip gloss, lip liner, perfume, hairbrush.

Renee: Carmex!

Jorja: Everything you can fit in that bag. Portable charger — or make sure your friend has one.

Backstage rider:

Stella, Jorja and Renee: Hennessy! [Sung in unison]

Stella: Fruit, tea, lemon, ginger, honey.

Renee: Crisps.

Jorja: We keep it fun and fresh.

Mimi Webb

Mimi Webb.

Brenton Blanchet

Must-have festival items:

Definitely powder, ’cause it’s getting hot. Hand sanitizer, hairbrush, camera to take pictures with, phone charger, sunscreen and a hat.

Backstage rider:

I actually need to get my rider game up because it’s quite bad right now. I do a lot of bagels, Philadelphia cream cheese, fruit, sausage rolls — that’s a very British thing — and a bottle of rosé.

Jessie Murph

Jessie Murph performs at GovBall in New York City on June 8, 2024.

Nina Westervelt/Billboard via Getty

Must-have festival items:

Definitely Red Bull. I love Red Bull. Earbuds — for when you’re not listening to music, obviously.

Backstage rider:

Red Bull, brownies and cheesy puffs!

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