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Dutch Police React To Nicki Minaj’s Comments About Her Arrest 

One week ago, Nicki Minaj went viral after live-streaming her arrest in Amsterdam. Dutch Military Police released her the same day, but she has voiced her discontent with the incident, suggesting her race played a factor.

Now, according to multiple reports, DMP has responded to those comments.

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Here’s What Nicki Minaj Said

As mentioned, the ‘Pink Friday 2’ artist took to Stationhead earlier this week to speak with her fans about the arrest experience. She said the incident made her feel “low” and alleged that the delay in her travel was done “on purpose.” “You are a confident, other race, you know,” Minaj said.

For context, the Dutch Military Police later released a statement saying Nicki’s detainment happened after they discovered 30 to 100 grams of cannabis in her luggage. During her arrest, she told DMP that the pre-rolls belonged to her security guard. She also questioned their search process, which involved the removal of her luggage after it was on the plane.

Ultimately, the Amsterdam authorities chose to take her into custody but later released her with a fine of 350 euros.

The experience has seemingly impacted Nicki’s willingness to return to Amsterdam. The promotional company behind the tour stop, MOJO, has said the June 2 show isn’t happening “due to the events of last week.” All ticket holders will receive a refund.

Dutch Military Police React To Minaj’s Comments

Meanwhile, a DMP spokesperson has said the case involving Nicki is closed. This means she’s free to return to the country without their interference. That statement was made to broadcast org NOS and translated by BBC.

The spokesperson added that Nicki alluding to race being a factor in her arrest is “annoying.” DMP insists that Minaj was treated as anyone else attempting to travel to another country with drugs on them or their luggage.

“It’s annoying if she experienced it that way. We arrested her when we found dozens of joints in her luggage. The lady was released four hours after arrest in consultation with the public prosecutor and after paying a fine,” the spokesperson said, per BBC’s translation.

The DMP rep insisted that “…it all went very smoothly. It’s annoying that she drew that card.” Additionally, the spokesperson said that DMP did their “job” and that it’s “protocol to search luggage and arrest a person when we find drugs.” 

“The arrest was around 17.30, the release at 21.30. We stand for a professional organization that treats everybody equal, no matter what.”

“It is illegal to take drugs to another country,” the spokesperson said.

The rapper has not publicly reacted to the Dutch Military Police’s reported response. Instead, her online presence has been all about her ongoing European tour stops and her upcoming second round in the U.S. Starting in Philadelphia on September 6, Nicki will tour 22 U.S. cities through October 11. She’ll be ending the historic ‘Pink Friday 2’ tour in her hometown Queens, New York.

This week, she has continued to wow her fans in cities like Manchester, London, Birmingham, and Glasgow. Minaj surprised the Barbz in London with a special guest, Beenie Man.

Check out the iconic moment below. 

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