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7 Invaluable Email Marketing Tools That Are Totally Free

To say that marketing strategies come and go would be the ultimate understatement.

And on the flip slide, if there’s a single marketing channel that’s managing to stand the test of time in the face of so many tends, it’s email.

That said, succeeding with email isn’t as easy as crafting a message and hitting “send.”

Between the fine details of optimization to potential pitfalls that sink so many marketers, the right combo of third-party tools is invaluable for ensuring that your campaigns don’t fall flat.

Thankfully, modern marketers can enjoy the added bonus of taking advantage of today’s email marketing tools which don’t cost a dime.

No matter where you currently stand with email marketing, consider how you can use the following seven tools to improve your campaigns and make sure that your messages get the attention they deserve.

7 Helpful and Entirely Free Email Marketing Tools

#1. Gmass

If you’re knee-deep in outreach campaigns, Gmass is a lifesaver. This tool integrates directly with Gmail to help you automate and streamline both outreach and follow-up messages.

For solo businesses who want to work out of a private email account or just don’t have the budget to invest in a full-blown email marketing solution, this tool is a game-changer.

#2. Litmus’ Preview Tester

Litmus’ full email solution might be out of your budget, but their email preview test is a free service that’s totally worth your time.

Bear in mind that everything from your hero images to subject lines might not turn out exactly how you imagined them. Testing provides you with peace of mind that you aren’t sending out broken or otherwise unreadable messages.

Furthermore, it’s common for email previews (also known as “second subject lines”) to become truncated, especially in a mobile inbox. Litmus’ tester ensures that your emails look professional to all readers regardless of what device they might be on.

#3. Bitly

Anyone who’s been in the Internet marketing game for the past decade is more than likely familiar with the likes of Bitly. And yes, the URL shortener is still in use today for tracking clicks for specific campaigns.

Doing so can help you better assess the ROI and performance of your emails, especially coupled with Bitly’s suite of analytics.

#4. MailMunch

Although somewhat limited, MailMunch is a good introductory opt-in tool for anyone trying to come up with a lead magnet. Encouraging opt-ins without some sort of incentive is definitely a struggle.

Pops and opt-in forms can help grab your readers’ attention; however, it’s up to you to seal the deal with a compelling offer.

#5. CoSchedule Subject Line Analyzer

Here’s some serious food for thought: 35% of readers engage with an email based on its subject line alone. Most marketers understand that your subject line is valuable real-estate, but perhaps not exactly how much those few words can make-or-break your entire campaigns.

CoSchedule’s subject line analyzer looks at metrics such as length as well as emotional “power words” and measures them against industry benchmarks and best practices. This serves as a great place to test, brainstorm and experiment with subject lines rather than go with the first idea that pops into your read.

Given the diversity of the different types of emails you can send (think: offers versus personal outreach versus newsletters), having such ideas handy ensures that you likewise aren’t just recycling the same types of subject lines again and again.

#6. Hubspot Signature Generator

Anything you can do to give your emails a more professional vibe is a point in your favor. This is especially true if you’re sending from a personal email account that might be able to beef up your credibility.

However, small touches such as your avatar and email signature can make all the difference.

Hubspot email signature generator allows you to combine credibility-boosting elements such as your headshot, phone number, job title and social buttons to give your signature that professional feel that it deserves.

Solopreneurs can use this tool independently or it can be used company-wide to give your employees a professional, uniform signature.

#7. Canva

The common thread between the best marketing email designs? Easy: they’re visually striking. Tools such as Canva can help you whip up graphics and hero images in no time flat which instantly make your messages more compelling.

No design experience required, spending a few minutes toying around in Canva can ultimately help you score more clicks.

Summing Up

If you think that you have to pay an arm and leg to find marketing tools that are worthwhile, think again.

Whether you’re an entry-level email marketer or someone who’s simply looking to step up their presence, any combination of these tools is fair game. Regardless of your email goals, there’s something in this stack that can help.

Free Email Marketing Tools

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